Rob Moffat, a Principal at Balderton in London kindly shares where he's looking to invest in fintech in 2015.

On the consumer side, he highlights pensions, mortgages and investments as the opportunities. Insurance is an interesting omission, but nevertheless, it's clear that these areas remain largely untouched by the wave of fintech.

Mortgages are interesting as the way people shop for them, compare them, register for them and move between them is really archaic, but for me the biggest problem (and therefore the biggest opportunity) is pensions.

Most people, myself included, lack a clear understanding of how much I need to save for retirement, whether or not it's possible to save that much and what I need to do each week/month/year to make that possible. My baseline assumption is that it's probably not possible to save enough and therefore I muddle along saving what I can, probably making my baseline assumption a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Somebody would go along way with pensions if they could just break down the very large problem into smaller steps, educate people about what is needed, help me engage with my pension and give me readily available tools to track my progress.

Anyway, enough rambling. Go checkout what fintech startup you need to get on with in 2015 to get money from Balderton...