Science and technology have made many things possible - from stem cells to men on the moon, mankind never ceases to explore, discover and invent amazing new ways to push the boundaries of our capabilities, our universe and our imagination. But once in a while we must pause and think - how can we unleash innovation to solve world scale problems? Does science and technology hold the key to effectively combating the effects of the anthropocene?

This brings me to introduce one of the most promising innovative technologies that I have come across in the 21st century - drones to plant 1 billion trees by using 3-D mapping to create data sets, analyze environment and weather data, identify and plant high-yield species of trees in appropriate locations. In my opinion, the most facinating part of this model is how it captures not just environmental value (by improving land, air and water quality) but also that it captures commercial value by reducing the time, effort and cost involved in reforestation. Absolutely brilliant!