Marc Andreesen argues that being on a Mission helps bring great staff and that is a large component of success - certainly we all respond well to the idea that what we're doing is more important than just making money - I mean, we're above that, right?

However, in my experience, when someone starts a company, the question they are answering is not - what's the quickest / easiest / safest way to make money? The answer to none of these would be: create a start-up!

When you start and indeed as you grow, you need to fundamentally believe you've cracked it; that what you're doing is better and important. Is that a Mission? Maybe - but I think it's also determination, resilience and self-belief.

One thing is certain though, if a Start-up does not believe and I mean REALLY believe, they don't have a chance. And investors, employees and indeed suppliers would be quite right to keep well away.