One of the age old questions of marketing a new product is how can I convince people to buy something they don't yet know they need? In today's world, you only have a matter of seconds to grab your customers attention before it is diverted elsewhere. Sony have clearly realised this, and gone to extra lengths to try and get their latest product in the hands - or even eyesight - of those who will actually buy it.

Introducing their latest waterproof mp3 player, Sony have packaged the product immersed in bottles of water - and better yet - are selling them in vending machines at sports clubs and swimming pools.

This innovative packaging is an immediate demonstration of the features of the product. As well as being beautifully designed, this will also help to erase any doubt in the consumers mind whether the product actually works and can be useful (sceptical as we all are heart!) It's almost the equivalent of having shop assistants play with the toys on the shop floor at Harrods - achieved simply through packaging.

Additionally, they have placed these devices at the heart of the environment of their target audience - keen swimmers visiting their pool or gym. And guess what these keen fitness junkies also get for buying? A free Sony waterbottle - something else they will almost definitely find useful. Seems Sony have thought of everything. A great example of taking a product that may be innovative and useful in itself, and making it even more relevant and appealing to consumers through packaging and product placement. And I'm sure it will pay off.