Experience is a valuable commodity. The number of job ads that state a minimum number of years of relevant experience as a pre-requisite of applying demonstrates how much it is valued. 

However, as the quote below argues, experience is so valuable because it enables us to create short-cuts and reflexive processes to deal with situations without having to re-think the wheel every time. However, in a changing world, it can be that experience that was gathered and refined in one environment is irrelevant or damaging, if the circumstances change. 

Immersing yourself in alternative realities through Science Fiction is an intriguing way of challenging your assumptions without having to wait for your actual environment to change in a way you find impossible to adapt to. 

Which gives me a chance to recommend a rather brilliant book "The Girl with all the Gifts" that sets out a terrifying but ultimately rather uplifting view of the future and the need to adapt to it (great book, rubbish movie).